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Hydes Slydes is the go-to for Omaha locals and tourists alike who crave a delicious burger or wrap experience. Burgers and wraps here are made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and are sure to leave you wanting more. Stop by The Grover Inn or hunt down the food truck to get your Hyde Slydes fix! An Omaha favorite



Hyde Slydes serves up the best burgers and wraps in town with some serious attitude. Get your mouth watering with their signature Slyde Burgers, made with savory Omaha beef and topped off with your favorite toppings. Or try out their array of wraps for something lighter but still full of flavor! All this wrapped up (pun intended) in an experience.

You'll be greeted by a witty and knowledgeable staff that will have you feeling like your at home. So if you're looking for an easy, delicious way to satisfy your hunger cravings, Hyde Slydes is the place to go! With crazy specials, unique style and great taste.

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